5 Man Flag Football Plays

5 man flag football plays often leave few options for an effective defense.  Having a limited number of players on the field means big hits and blitzes aren’t nearly as effective.  5 man flag football is a game of speed, finesse and skill.  This holds especially true for the defensive side of the ball, as players can quickly get left in the dust.  A running back or wideout has only a few men to beat and there’s nothing left between him and the end zone.

If you’re looking for an unparalleled defensive boost on the field, Dr. G and Flag Football Strategies have introduced a revolutionary playbook of specifically designed 5 man flag football plays.  This compilation is packed with over 800 football plays that are specially tailored for the 5 man arena.  These plays have all been field tested and proven to shut down opponents and put points on the board.

You’ll find hundreds of defensive plays run from multiple formations that can shut down both the pass and run game of your opponents.  Plays can be run as zone or man, allowing you the versatility to adjust plays for different opponents and situations.  You’ll even find defensive packages specially designed for short yardage and time crunch situations.

This book of 5 man football plays is laid out in an easy to follow color coordinated diagram.  This makes your team more efficient by cutting time in the huddle and reducing miscommunications and errors.  Each player has a color assigned to them, and they simply look at their corresponding dot on the diagram before each play.  This instantly shows them their coverage and responsibilities for the coming play.

To truly take control of your 5 man flag football team check out our revolutionary football play designer.  Here you can build your own playbook from the ground with user friendly drag and drop technology and multiple printing options.  This allows you to build plays around your team’s strengths and key players.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take your team to the next level this season.  Dr. G’s instantly downloadable book of 5 man football plays will give your team competitive advantage you’ve been searching for.