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5 on 5 Flag Football Plays

Finding the right 5 on 5 flag football plays to give your team the upper hand is no easy business.  We can give you that extra advantage with our downloadable playbook of the best 5 man flag football plays you can run on the field.  Our playbook shows you over one hundred of the most effective offensive and defensive flag football plays run out of multiple formations.  There are even trick plays to give your team an ace in the hole.

We also offer a youth playbook that’s perfectly suited for those just learning the game.  It uses the same color coordination diagrams as the adult book, but with simpler easier to run youth 5 on 5 flag football plays.  It contains 142 offensive and defensive plays that are great for building teamwork and positions skills in young aspiring athletes.

For the ultimate advantage we offer the Wristband Interactive, the easiest, most effective system of play calling.  Using the same innovative color coordination system each player wears a colored wristband.  They simply look at their corresponding color on the play chart attached to there wristband and can instantly see their routes, responsibilities, or areas of coverage for that play.

To take total control of your teams prowess we offer an indispensable tool, a custom play designer.  With just the click of a mouse you can drag and drop your players creating custom routes and coverage’s building your own book of 5 on 5 flag football plays.  Build your own playbook and dominate the competition, use your custom plays with the Wristband Interactive and you and your team will be unstoppable.


If you’ve got a 5 on 5 football team our products will give you the competitive edge you need to put the ball in the end zone and shut down the opposition.